About Us

Freezers For Less was co-founded by a father-son team, Jack Rentmeester and Craig Rentmeester.

Our mission is simple: Bring high quality commercial display freezers to market for a fraction of the price of new freezers.

Why the Used Freezer Business?

The Background Story

Jack Rentmeester is a sales manager for Hydrant Pizza in Green Bay, WI. In this role, he often loans out display bunkers for retailers to use to display his products (frozen pizza, garlic bread, chicken strips, etc.). So, as he grew that business, he continually had a need for more and more display freezers.

However, buying new freezers gets expensive!

So, that's how our mission came to be -- Find a way to buy high quality used freezers at a fraction of the cost of new freezers.

Craig, Jack's son, knows a lot about bringing products to market online. The two put their minds and talents together to form this small business.

After networking with freezer wholesalers to negotiate good prices on bulk orders, this business was officially formed to help others, like Jack, who need high quality freezers for their business, but can't justify buying brand new equipment.

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