Frequently Asked Questions

How many volts are your freezers?
All of our models are 120 Volt freezers that don't require special wiring or outlets.

What accessories are included?
All product listings will state which accessories are included.
Most include baskets for displaying products and thermometers (interior or exterior).
Please read the features section on the product pages for details.

How old are your freezers?
The Fricon models are two years old.
The ColdTech models are between 4-8 years old.

All of our freezers are in great working condition.

I live in Wisconsin, can I view your inventory in person?
Yes, please call 920-217-2204 to make an appointment.

I live in Wisconsin, can I pickup a freezer to save on shipping costs?
Yes, you can purchase online and call 920-217-2204 to make pickup arrangements. All shipping fees collected on the Web site will be refunded to you following pickup.

What is your Return policy?
All of our freezers are guaranteed to work. If you happen to receive a freezer that doesn't get to below 10 degrees, return it for a full refund.
We accept returns for 15 days after the order is placed. Shipping costs will not be refunded, and you will be responsible for returning the item to 2941 Finger Road Green Bay, WI 54311.

Is there a warranty on freezer units?
No, there is warranty on the products.

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